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Holland / Netherlands - Overseas Factsheet

According to a recent survey conducted by the Professional Contractors Group - after Germany - Holland is the second most popular location for international contractors.

Holland is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. With very liberal social attitudes Holland is extremely popular in that it is one of the cheapest locations to live in Europe.

The official language is Dutch but Dutch people in general speak excellent English. Most contractors are based in Amsterdam and it is extremely accessible by air and is one of the most competitive routes in Europe.

The Contract Market

The majority of contract jobs are based in or around Amsterdam itself the financial capital of Holland. The Dutch have actively embraced e - commerce and a broad range of skills are required.

While the Dutch themselves have no indigenous contracting culture there is usually a good demand for short term staff on projects and development work. The best paid jobs are normally to be had in the banking and insurance sectors but there is a lot of demand for skilled personnel in the electronics and telecommunications are as. The Dutch government has greatly encouraged investment in the IT and high technology areas.

Dutch is the spoken language in the workplace, however, many multinational companies use English as their business language. Dutch people are happy to use English though it is a good idea to pick up some Dutch phrases.

Taxation Issues

Museumplein and Rijksmuseum, AmsterdamAs soon as you have lived in Holland for 183 days you are considered to be a resident for tax purposes from the date of your arrival.

Matters can be further complicated if you continue to use our limited company from your country of origin. Since the control and management of most contractors companies rests with the contractors themselves, then it naturally follows that if the director relocates to Holland the Dutch authorities can deem the company to be Dutch resident and tax it accordingly.

Both Dutch income and corporate taxes and social security are significantly higher than their equivalent UK or Irish rates. It is therefore advisable to operate through a management company from the very beginning especially if you are in unsure whether or not the duration of your stay is likely to be less than 183 days.

Holland has specific legislation that all foreign contract staff must operate through a registered "wage tax" company. It is extremely important that you seek professional advice before you go to Holland.

Dutch Payroll Company

Extra care has to be taken to comply with the Dutch legislation and Chesterfield Management offers a wide and comprehensive range of services to help you comply with Dutch payroll and tax legislation.

Our services include:

  • Enrolling you with our Dutch payroll and PAYE schemes
  • Advise and assistance with the contracts of employment
  • Application for Dutch social security number or a form E101
  • Application for 30% facility tax exemption available to expatriates
  • Operating monthly payroll, providing payslips, and end of year tax returns
  • Application for health and illness insurance as may be required under Dutch employment law

For non EU nationals, in addition, we can where appropriate give assistance with applications for work permits.

Relocating to Holland

There is a well organized rental market in Holland. Properties fall into 2 categories regulated and unregulated. The regulated category broadly refers to property when the monthly rent is anything below Euro 1,100 a month. It is cheaper unfurnished.

Prices for apartments in Amsterdam start at around Euro 1,100 a month and there are a wide variety of accommodation types available - including homeboats. In practice, many expatriates deal with letting agents who charge in the region of 1 months rent as commission.

As with Germany, all residents in Holland must apply register their residence in Holland with the authorities (this also applies to Dutch citizens).

Holland has a quite a good public transport system. Commuting to work by car in Holland can be problematic. EU nationals do not require a visa to enter Holland. They may enter as a tourist but change their status to that of resident once they have found work and accommodation.

Flights to Holland

The London to Amsterdam route is one of the most competitive in Europe and you should expect to pay around Euro 150 for a return flight. There are usually special offers to be had at off peak times.

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