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Germany - Overseas Factsheet

Germany has long been the top destination for international contractors. Many contractors relocated to Germany with the advent of IR35 in the UK. English is widely spoken and many Germans speak it reasonably well. It is an advantage if you speak some German but not essential.

The Contract Market

The contract market in Germany centres around Frankfurt and Munich through Stutggart and Dusseldorf also have much to offer. Frankfurt is the most popular location which "first time"contractors mostly because of its vibrant expat community. There are lots of bars and restaurants including Irish, Australian and South African in these areas.

Taxation Issues

As with Holland, all residents of Germany, including the Germans themselves are required to register their presence with the local authorities. As soon as you live in Germany for 183 days or more you will be considered to be resident in Germany for tax purposes from the date of your arrival. The tax year and the calendar year runs from January to December.

Matters can be further complicated if you continue to use your own limited company from your country of origin. Since the management and control of most contractors companies rests with the contractor themselves, then it naturally follows that if a contractor director relocates to Germany that the German authorities can deem the company to be German and tax it accordingly.

Income tax and social security taxes in Germany are quite high compared to the UK and Ireland or the USA. The schedule of tax frees allowance in Germany is notoriously complex and there are different rates and bands dependent on your personal circumstances and the region in which you are living.

It is always preferable for the first time expatriate resident in Germany to seek professional assistance when filing their tax returns.

Relocating to Germany

Warrior marble statue in BerlinAll the key contracting locations have a wide range of good quality rental accommodation. Rental costs in Frankfurt the most popular location if you are not to fussy you can get a one bed roomed flat in one of the cheaper areas for around Euro 350 a month.

If your accommodation needs are greater, or if you want to live in a more pleasant location you should be able to find a pleasant 2 - 3 bed roomed apartment from E800 - E1000.

In general, Germany has a very good public transport system, which is extremely punctual, safe and clean. Most cultures, have customs and laws which might seem strange at first. In Germany for example, all car insurance policies run from January - December and it's illegal to wash your car on a Sunday. With the exception of some restaurants and service stations most businesses are closed on a Sunday.

Flights to Germany

The London to Germany route is one of the most competitive in Europe and you should expect to pay around Euro 150 for a return flight. There are usually special offers to be had at off peak times.

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